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Non Woven Green Shopping Bags Recyclable and Earth Friendly

by customgreenpromos

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If you’ve ever been shopping and had the bag burst on you, then you know the frustration and the potential costs of not having a sturdy grocery bag.  Vegetables, breads, meats, all across the parking lot, driveway, or the house floor, are simply not an occurrence anyone looks forward to, much less wishes to risk.  Reusable non woven bags are a wonderful option for use in carrying groceries and other items. 

In response to concerns about global warming and the importance of reducing Earth’s carbon footprint, recyclable bags have been increasingly popular.  The plastic bags provided by retailers is recyclable, but often are made cheaply.  These shopping bags can be flimsy, easily ripping and tearing at the slightest strain.  Without doubling these bags can be all but useless. 

Many grocers and retailers non woven shopping bags for purchase in-store.  In addition to their durability, such bags are reusable and quite sturdy, enabling them to be packed fuller with more items.  Despite the initial inexpensive cost of their purchase, these bags are cost efficient, as they last for years. 

Another popular option for obtaining these green bags is to customize and order them yourself.  For the store selling them, these bags are a great way to advertise a stores own unique brand.  Retailers are capitalizing on this!  These shopping bags provide an ingenious method of showcasing your store and product line to a widespread audience.  They are a great way to advertise to an entire community.

Recyclable bags are made of Earth-friendly material and are designed to be reusable, or capable of being recycled and/or repurposed.  They can be purchased in an array of colors and customized to suit you or your business.  This makes them a popular option for promotional giveaways.  As they are practical, they are more likely to be pulled out and used within the community on a regular basis. 

Non woven bags are made of a durable polypropylene, and designed to last.  Such bags are often hemmed and reinforced to protect against pokes, rips and tears.  Non woven bags are the ‘cream of the crop’ so to speak, and are the retailer’s choice in many situations for promotional bags and items. 

Many companies use non woven bags and other products to advertise their company brand because of the cost effectiveness of doing so.  If your company is contemplating starting its next advertising campaign, consider including the promotional gifting green bags to all of your customers.  The more these customers pull these bags out, the better the exposure for your company.  It’s a win for everyone. 

Custom Green Promos is dedicated to providing premium green bags that allow business to advertise their brand while remaining respectful of the environment.  We do our part to protect the environment, and provide an eco-friendly solution that is reusable and safe for our environment.  We offer a number of green products including lanyards, pens, hats, t-shirts and bags. 


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