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Beneficial Tips To Check The Authenticity Of Cigars

by amitsachdeva

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How you will feel when you come to know that the Cuban cigars that you have bought recently are fake? It hurts a lot when you find that someone has deceived you and has given you the fake item at the cost of a branded one. Usually cigar aficionados get excited when they see Cuban cigars for sale because these cigars are the premium class cigars and buying Cuban cigars at half or less than the official price is not a small deal for them. But these days millions of manufacturers are producing counterfeit cigars that have exact looks, stamps, seal, cover and warranty mark.

Getting surprising deals on rare cigar brands is hard to refuse. But be careful before buying such discounted cigars. If you smoke cigar regularly then you must know the basic authenticity signs of cigar to quickly identify the original ones in the market packed with loads of fake brands. Trend of cigar smoking and counterfeit cigar manufacturing is rising day by day with the similar pace.
People, who are smoking cigars since ages, can recognize the genuineness just from their aroma. But if you are not that expert then you have to check it cautiously. Even try to inspect cigar as carefully as possible because all original ones have uniform size, shape and color. Other than that here are some beneficial tips to detect the authentic cigars:

• Appearance of Cigars- Original Cuban cigars or other high class cigars have standardized appearance. They are similar is thickness and length. Some are light colored and some are dark but they all have exquisite flavor and aroma.

• Packaging tells the Truth- Packaging contains all marks, stamps and seals by the manufacturer and government of that country. They contain holographic label, warranty seal and back panel seal, which tell the whole story of their genuineness.

• Examine Cigars- Many seller keep loose cigars so that customers can check the authenticity but do not buy cigars on the basis of those loose cigars because content inside the box is completely different. If allowed try to check the cigars inside the box and slightly squeeze them, if they are very tightly rolled and have lumps then don’t buy them because they are fake and are made up of leaf scraps.

• Buy from Reputed Sellers- Go for any reputed seller to select authentic cigars. Even many reliable sellers are available on internet these days, so you can buy cigars from there as well after exploring the complete variety on their website.

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