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Live as a Parisian – Rent a Flat in Paris Short Term

by Parisapartment

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Paris is for dreamers, romantics and artists. It is a place rich with legends and culture, with many noteworthy talents that lived and worked there, including Edith Piaf, Frederic Chopin, Brigette Bardot and Victor Hugo, among many others. People throughout the world hope to one day live in the historic neighborhoods of the city, but unfortunately, this dream simply remains as such for many of these individuals. Of course, individuals can always visit the city and as often as they want, but they may feel disconnected to the true heart of the city if they only stay in hotels. Those who really want to feel like a true Parisian and stay in an area that is unspoiled by tourists should be sure to check out Paris short term rentals.

Reserving a room in a hotel is typically the first step an individual takes when planning a trip. However, as easy as booking a room is, a hotel isn’t the best place for everyone. Those that want to truly immerse themselves in the culture of a city would be better off staying in a rental that is located in a neighborhood that is home to local restaurants, cafes, stores and more. This allows the guests of the rental to get to know the neighborhood and not just the façade created by the tourism industry. Staying in a rental provides a more authentic experience.

In addition to greater authenticity, rentals provide more comfort and privacy, as you do not have to accommodate staff for cleaning or other nuisances. You can simply relax in your quiet private Parisian flat without hearing other neighbors in rooms next to yours or the cleaning staff down the hall. Overall, it provides a more relaxing trip that truly allows you to wind down after a long day of sightseeing.

If you want to rent a flat in Paris short term, you should consider working with Paris Address. At Paris Address, you are able to search for Paris short term rentals in specific neighborhoods, price ranges and with certain amenities. Renting an apartment from Paris Address means that you will be in the heart of one of the best neighborhoods in Paris, which will surely allow you to get to know the city as a “local”. Additionally, these rentals can accommodate large and small groups alike, so that you can be comfortable while on vacation. Check out rentals at

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