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Tips for Photographers to Write Photography Proposals

by pixpadesign

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Writing a photography proposal is as important as designing a portfolio and training yourself for being a photographer. The ability of writing a photography proposal is crucial as this is the cover note and you have the space to write whatever you want to impress your clients to hire you and give you the job other than not giving it to someone else.

Here are some of the things that you need to write on a photography proposal:

• Introduction
• Detailed project description
• Project outcome
• Estimated charges and fees

In your introduction, most of the people write more about the work they have done and other things that will make them a worthy choice, and then they put a full stop. You should not stop here, you should do something that is different from what the others have done. Then there will be a good reason why your client will choose you from the pool of other applicants. In the introduction, show that why you are worthy enough and better than the others. Give a little experience to show that you have faced challenges and have come out of the challenge. Remember, the intro should be small, so you cannot be too wordy. This is the real trick. How to manage to insert a lot of content into a smaller body of texts. If possible, consult a professional writer friend.

Give a detail project description. Here give the description of your project. How much time do you need, how many resources do you need. Try to write to the point and do not hover around. Be confident about what you write and do not be over-confident. Do not give fake promises that you cannot keep. Use bullet points to list all the details so that it is cleaner looking and does not go hard on the eyes of the viewer. Write what you your client expects to come up with and what you expect to bring in.

The project outcome is like your mission statement. This is the objective that you are believed to come up with. Here come up with as many details as possible. This is the section which is more likely to make the client more excited, so try to spend as much time as possible. Give a list of what the outcomes will be, like how many photos in prints and in what sizes, how many web albums, and how many raw photos will you provide them with and list every single detail as to lure your client’s attention from the other photographers.

Give a total detailed estimation of the cost that will incur and you will charge them. Some mistake many photographers make is that, they just include the grand total. Create a table of all the costs that will incur on the way, like photo tech fees, assistant fees and others and add them up to show the grand total. Clients are always curious to know where the costs are going in. If you are offering any discount, do not forget to mention them. If possible, compare your prices with some others, but make sure, this does not create an adverse effect.

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