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One day there was a girl who met a boy on a social networking. they were not from the same country. they were so far away but within a few days they became very close. almost every day they talk there. the boy was so sweet. he considered that girl as his girlfriend. but no one knew that he likes her or not. but one month later, everything became changed. the boy knew another girl there. he later became very close with that girl. what about the first girl he knew? she was very jealous with the situation, she saw all the conversations between his boy and a girl who just met in a few days. she became extremely hated that boy. why?? because she was in love with him and she didn't like that his boy talk to another girl. and the conversations between them that she saw was so bitchy, she thought so.

3 months later they fought for no apparent reason. the girl like didn't want to talk to the boy. the boy didn't know that she was angry because he was closer to another girl and he also didn't realize that he became arrogant to her. then he sent a message to her and asked why she was angry with him. She didn't want to answer. she said that everything was fine but actually not. but the boy didn't believe, he thought that something happened and made her mad. unexpectedly he told her "You are important to me". then she replied "No, I'm not important to you". and the boy replied "Who says? of course you are". she cried. she didn't know what to do.

A few months later all back to normal. the guy tried to start a conversation with that girl again. but everything changed, not like before anymore. when the boy's birthday passed, she didn't wished him a happy birthday. maybe he was disappointed. the girl became changed! but the boy didn't want to lose her so he wished her a happy birthday when her birthday passed. she just replied like 'thanks' or something like that.! they didnt talk anymore. Just like people who don't know each other..

And then the boy never came on anymore... but who knows? he didn't know that the girl was waiting for him to get online like everyday. she was just too hard. she regrets. she just realized that she will never talk to him again. like forever..

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