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Commercial Credit Services

by michael29smith

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Tips For Reviewing Your Credit Report


You might have come across the recommendations posted everywhere: Check your credit report but, ever wondered what does that mean? What  should you be checking?


While pulling or getting your credit report a minimum of once a year is an extremely smart step, someone must understand what to look for once reviewing their information. One should be careful while conducting business too and must check the commercial credit services to monitor the credit check regularly. Begin with the following tips to make certain you're making the most out of the credit report:


Examine Personal Identification information: Look over the names, addresses, and social insurance numbers showing on your credit report. While slight misspellings are common, one should be alarmed if a completely different name or address is related to your social security number, or if there are multiple social insurance numbers showing on the report.


Examine the creditors. All trade lines of credit ought to be reviewed closely. Note any creditors whom you don't seem to be conversant with. Also review the balances on every account and look for discrepancies.


Another vital piece of information that's in the individual trade line space is joint or individual account information. This tells you if you're the only one who operates the  account, or if there is anyone else you share it with.


Note any late payments. Accounts showing late have the biggest impact on your credit score. The date of the late payment ought to be reviewed to check if the account really there was any error in the reporting.


Review all public records: Serious monetary situations like foreclosures,  bankruptcies,  and tax liens will be found in this section. Reevaluate these closely to check if any of the things are reported in error. If you've got relevant public records in this section, ensure the dates are reported properly.


The hope when assessing your credit report is that you can find no surprises. That’s not the case always. Numerous reports have found that up to 25% of credit reports contain errors.


What must you do if you discover errors on the credit report?


Contact the bureaus. Write to all three bureaus (either on their web site or by mail) and tell them regarding the error. Send copies of any documentation that backs up your claim.


Notify the creditor. Send the creditor a letter speech that you dispute the item, along with copies of documents that provide proof for your claim.


Follow up. The credit bureaus have thirty days to research and remove your dispute. They’re going to then contact you to present you the result.


Implementing these tips will help you get an idea of what your report portrays, find out if  any errors or mistakes are there, and makes you stay on top of your reported credit history. Carefully reviewing the credit report once a year along with using commercial credit serviceswhenever necessary are very important facets of maintaining a prosperous and safe financial life. Commercial Credit Services              Your Credit Report

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