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Receive Cheap Shipping Using These Ways to Ensure It

by Jameshorncastle

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To find cheap shipping you need to do some shopping around for there are a lot of nice options to choose from. Be sure that it’s smart work and not hard work that is needed. Sometimes, rather than wasting time, it is better to go to websites of intermediaries like and compare the offers from a range of major couriers in the same place.

The ways to ensure that you arrange cheap shipping for your parcels without compromising on the quality of service include the following:

  • Plan well ahead: Unless it is absolutely necessary, plan well ahead and avoid last minute deliveries. The greater time you have on hand for a delivery, the cheaper plans you would be able to find. Urgency has its costs, and nowhere is it more evident than in the courier industry.

  • Use intermediaries: Intermediaries like are a great way to find cheap shipping as they almost always have bargain offers for their customers and provide cheaper rates for the same services. They can do this because they deal with major service providers as corporate clients at special rates, and can pass their savings on to you. There is no other way you can get those rates except by using intermediary couriers.

  • Don’t buy labels, print them online: If you have multiple consignments, printing online labels is a cost-effective option than buying them.

  • Plan your packaging: It is quite common to increase the costs of shipping due to last minute purchases of costly packaging material. Plan your packaging, use recycled or waste stuff, and you can save quite a bit.

  • Plan parcel volumes and weights: Almost every courier works on the slab system with a fixed rates associated with certain slabs of weight and volume. Be aware of these, and distribute the weights and volumes of your parcels in an optimized manner to get cheap shipping.

  • Be careful with filling in addresses: Inaccurate addresses can lead to either failure of delivery or multiple attempts, in which case your costs can increase. Accurate filing of addresses and other particulars ensure single-shot delivery and cheap shipping.

  • Compare rates and offers: Go to some intermediary websites like that of Parcel2Ship and compare rates and offers. More often than not you would be able to find cheap shipping at rates you would be surprised at.

And that’s about it. If you use this advice smartly you would find more cheap shipping than you ever thought existed or was possible. It just takes a little planning.

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