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Medical Exam Gloves: - Vinyl Exam Gloves

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Vinyl exam gloves are used in situations where the job at hand is not so risky. In the event that a medical practitioner is required to perform a light quick task that requires medical exam gloves, vinyl exam gloves will come in handy.


Vinyl exam gloves are light gloves that can easily be slid on to carry out that fast non-complicated activity. They are designed to carry out low risk tasks such as handling non contaminated fluids, janitor tasks and other tasks that do not expose one to dangerous pathogens. When in use as medical exam gloves, users have to be careful so as not to endanger themselves.


The main advantage of vinyl exam gloves over other types of medical exam gloves is their cheap cost. This makes them economical to use in carrying out tasks that require the use of gloves but are not fatal. Another advantage they have is that they do not contain allergens and are therefore OK for people prone to allergic reactions.

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