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Personal Interview@ Real account of PI round: Why a 93 %iler

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MBA Universe in its series of publishing the realistic account of personal interviews for MBA admission to top B-schools brings you another real account.

1st Panelist sitting on the right side-(Going through her Resume) - Tell us about your family.

Yavanika – Oh, sure. My father is a Criminal lawyer and has a very good practice. A large number of clients come to meet him daily.  He is very busy. I have one younger sister and younger brother – both are in school. I am the most intelligent child among the three. My suggestion and advice count more in my family and among my classmates also. If you go through my academic record you will find that I have been a bright student through-out. I have always scored more than eighty per cent marks in every class. You see, my CAT percentile is above 93 which is a great score and I am sure I will get the admission to a top Business school. After doing my graduation in commerce, I have also opted for law classes which can help me make a great career. My family is very respectable and well known in my town. I know almost all the wealthy and influential persons in my town. My father is very resourceful, he changes his car every 2nd year. 

1st panelist– I thought I asked about your family but you are telling about yourself 

Yavanika – Sir I haven’t completed yet. Our family doesn’t like to get involved with such people who are not of our standard. My father always says ‘if we want to achieve something we have to live like that’. So we shop at the most expensive stores.

1st panelist - How about your mother?

Yavanika – Oh! Didn’t I tell you about her? Well, she is a house hold lady, remains busy in small things like – keeping the house clean, managing the kitchen, up-keeping of garden. She is a sort of miser, tries to spend less. Most of the times giving her pieces of advice on economic and judicious expenditure. Despite having many servants, she sometimes looks after the work in the kitchen and garden. In my view, it is not required as the servants are there to work. But she never listens to me. Sometimes it adversely affects my father’s reputation.

1st panelist – Don’t you think, your mother is efficiently managing the house-hold affairs and contributing much towards family welfare.

Yavanika –
 Well, mother sometimes does the work herself which is not good. It is the influence of my father and my efficiency that all the activities go well controlled. In fact I think that my mother can be a good cook but not a very good house manager.

2nd panelist takes over –
 Why do you want to pursue MBA when you have joined law classes?

 I have joined the law classes as my father suggested for the same. He says that we can open a big law firm with consultation on taxation, company law etc. after I complete my graduation in law.  MBA will help in the management of that law company. 

2nd panelist –
 If selected, how would you manage your law classes and regular study of MBA?

Yavanika – Oh, that is in fact no problem. Attendance in law classes can be managed and after two years of MBA I would again join the Law classes as this is a four years course. Law can be done while managing the law company. 

Experts’ Feedback
1. The girl behaves like a monopolist. She speaks more, knows less- A tall talk.
2. Is a sort of bully. Lacks courtesy, is arrogant, her behavior needs improvement.
3. She is overconfident person and pampered girl. Has no decision of her own. Whatever guided by father goes for it illogically. Shows no respect for her mother.
4. Has no respect for other people who have less money. Appears to be extravagant. May not learn in the college but might be a nuisance.  Not recommended   

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