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International Courier Services – Make Global Delivery Seem E

by Jameshorncastle

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When professionals do something, it seems so very easy and effortless, as if anybody can do it. That’s how many international courier services appear to those who send parcels. It’s nothing much, unless you chance to hire the wrong international courier services, based on wrong assumptions, and learn the bitter truth.

Coordinating the safe and timely delivery of parcels across millions of destinations, every day, takes extraordinary organization, discipline, and management of intermediaries. It’s not a job for everyone, and that’s why international courier services have managed to outgrow government backed postal services in most countries, today.

If you think working in international courier services is fun, then understand that the hardest period of work happens when the rest of the world is enjoying. When other people are having fun, having Christmas, Thanksgiving, winter holidays, summer holidays, and social occasions, the staff in international courier services are working double-time to make sure the floods of parcels, gifts, cards, and other deliveries reach safely and within time. International courier services work the hardest when the rest of the world takes it easy. Think about that.

Most international courier services can be divided into two categories: primaries, like FedEx, DHL and others which are multinational corporations and have own branches and offices in most countries, and secondary, or intermediaries which might be local, or national service providers, and act as go-betweens the end consumer and primaries. International courier services survive, excel, and grow, when they can make the tie-ups with third parties work effectively and truly make global delivery look easy.

On the other hand, small local couriers are very good and efficient for local deliveries, but fail unless they tie up with global majors. There are regional couriers too, in different parts of countries, where they have local networks that would carry parcels across rivers, into jungles and into the remotest parts of the world. It is not cost-effective for major international courier services to open up offices at every point of civilization, but they make the job easy by choosing and collaborating with the proper regional delivery services. Intermediaries like take the process one step forward by coordinating between major multi-nationals, local couriers, and the end-customer.

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