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The 5 Most Popular Indian Spices Powder

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India is world-renowned for its traditional culinary practices and the use of enrich spices powderin Indian cooking. The growing demand for Indian spices in foreign countries has prompted spices manufacturersin Indiato producehigh quality spices. In India, people believe that any recipe is incomplete without the essence of spices. On the other hand, manufacturing good quality spices to gain ample share in foreign spices market has become the goal of Indian spices manufacturers .  In addition, spices have medicinal properties and also act as an integral ingredient in many home remedies to cure health disorders. In ancient India, many spices were used in ayurvedic treatise and for preservation purpose because of the medicinal properties. Mustards, cloves and ground mustard were used to preserve food for long period of time.

Other curative benefits of the most commonly used spices:

  • Indian garam masala is used to cure digestive ailments.
  • A turmeric paste was applied to burns, itchy skin etc.
  • Ginger was the tried and tested remedy for liver complaints, anaemia and rheumatism.
  • If you suffered from nausea, fever, headaches, or eye diseases, you'd be sure to get a dose of cardamom.
  • Coriander was meted out for insomnia, cloves for spleen, kidney, and intestinal disorders.

The 5000-year old history of Indian spices unfolds story of its evolution, today you can get various spices at affordable prices but there was a time in Indian spices history when they were treasured as highly as silver or gold Indian recipes masala . Malabar Coast and Cochin were the destinations for European traders at that point of time.

Exporters of Indian spices have increased considerably to encourage spice trade all over the world. Most of the spices are used either in powder form or in blended form to give the necessary aroma or flavor to the recipes. Most commonly used is Garam Masala which is a useful spice mix called for in a variety of Indian dishes, from butter chicken to tandoori chicken to a variety of curries. The top most 5 Indian spices that have been using in various cuisines all over the world are as follows:

  • Turmeric/ Curcumin
  • Cinnamon
  • Cumin seeds
  • Fenugreek
  • Garam masala Powder/ Pepper

Sterling Groceries Pvt Limited is one of the leading spices manufacturersin India that offers fine quality turmeric powder, coriander powder, red-chili powder, bay leaves, mustard seeds, Garam masalaPowder, fenugreek, cloves, cumin seeds, black pepper, cardamom, tamarind, cinnamon, saffron, fennel seeds and chat masala.

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