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Festivals Celebrated in Chardham Destination

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Chardham of Uttarakhand not only famous for their Spirirtual bliss but also their rich culture, tradition food, and vibrant fairs & festivals held on an auspicious day related with these Chardham. A journey of Chardham also give an opportunity to visit and explore the traditional occasions having more spiritual celebration. There are some cultural fair celebrated by temple committee & local people to please the Deity and keep alive our tradition alive.

Yamunotri ji

Krishna Janamasthmi

Celebrated in Krishna paksh of Bhado month (August & September) celebrated as birth ceremony of lord Krishna. Devotee keep fast and worship Lord Krishna and celebrated birth timing (midnight) of the day. Every temple of lord Krishna decorated and illuminated, As Yamuna is consort of lord Krishna so this festival has an important place in heart of devotee. 

Vijaya­dashmi- Celebrated on the DayVijayadashmi. This festival celebrate the occasion when lord Rama killed the Ravana. A special pooja and worship is performed at temple and a big Fair organized by locale.

 Diwali – A day celebrated in all around the India. When lord Rama reached at Ayodhya after victory over Ravana. The people of Ayodhya decorated their houses with Diya of lamp. Thus tradition of celebrate Diwali arise.

Yama Dwitiya- Yama Dwitiya or Bhaiya Duz celebrated after two day of Diwali. As Yamuna performed penance for her Brother Yama so this festival has great important for devotees. This day also the Kapat of Yamuna temple being closed.

Gangotri ji

Ganga Saptami

This Celebrated inmonth of Vaishakh(April). On the day of Ganga saptmi Goddess Ganga comes from heaven to earth. Actually this festival celebrated to keep ancient charm and grace of Ganges.

Ganga Dushehra

Celebrated in the month of Jyestha (May) this is the day when lord Shiva released a stream of Ganges from his matted lock, So it is also known as  a birth of Ganges. This day a bath in Ganges wash away all ten sins of mankind and bless moksha or salvation to them. The meaning of Dushhera is Dus –ten and hera- defeat, means ganga wash away all ten types of sin of peoples.

Kedarnath ji

Shiva Ratri /Maha Shivratri festival

This is the day when head priest of Kedarnath declared the date of opening of Kedarnath shrine. This is the day Lord Shiva got married with Parvati So this Day worship of lord Shiva has a great importance. It is a special occasion at Kedarnath valley. The local people called this festival as Syuraat. The children of local village made sculpture of God and animals by soil in evening and worship these deity in morning with more joy and spirituality. This is a tradition to hang a bunch of Barley at the door and make wish to lord Shiva happiness and prosperity to all family members. A special delicious local cuisine ARSA also cooked by devotee.   

Ghoga Mata Festival 

Dedicated to goddess Ghoga Mata this festival celebrated in month of Chaitra. Celebrated for a week this festival also known as flower festival during this month kedar valley get blossom of flowers. Legend- it is believed that Ghogha mata is a daughter of Lord Shiva & Parvati, Lord Shiva worshiped Ghoga Mata to please her for eight day from than this festival celebrated.

Badrinath ji

Mata Murti Ka Mela - Mata Murti is a mother of Lord Badrinath this day a special pooja and worship perform to Mother Murti. A big fair is held at badrinath to grace this occasion in month of September.

 Badri Kedar festival

This festival celebrated both places Badrinath and Kedarnath in month of june. This festival celebrated for a week and various artists of different part of india participate in this occasion. This festival give a good opportunity to see a glimpse of culture of Garhwal Uttarakhand. Other festival celebrated with special rituals are Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Nag-panchami & Holi.


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