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PET preform mold: All you need to know about it

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Technology today has come of age. It is true that the 21st century has been a harbinger of innovative products, due to improvement in technology. The plastic industry has also benefitted from it immensely. However, the development of this industry has occurred over the course of time and not all of a sudden. PET preform mold technique has been the deciding factor in the availability of low-cost plastic. So, what is this technique all about? Let us take a look!

As you must be aware, PET bottles are not grown in fields in developed forms! They have to be manufactured using plastic. While a clay item can be molded by hand, plastics are not brittle or changeable. They are solids and even though they are flexible, they cannot be reshaped without melting. So, the first thing which a producer has to do is to melt the plastic. Once the plastic is melted, then it becomes hot liquid which can be changed into a desirable shape. Large boilers are required for melting of the plastic. It is done in a high temperature and so it is performed only in certified factories. There are risks involved as well, since accidents can be lethal. So, the employees working in these factories are trained and have expertise in such matters.

The same process is applied while making cap mold,even though there are slight discrepancies. Besides, some manufacturers have to listen to the custom demands of the clients. So, there is a scope for flexibility. After the plastic is heated and melted, it needs to be changed in shape. This cannot be done using the hand, since the molten plastic is very hot and can burn the skin easily. Besides, how do you exactly alter the shape of a liquid! Hence, specially designed containers are used. The molten plastic is flown into these containers, thereby acquiring the latter’s shape. Therefore, the containers are built after figuring out the shape of the final product.

For making PET preform mold, the molten liquid needs to be cooled down. Cooling has to be done cautiously or else there can be brittleness, breakage or some defect. Cooling is performed only after the molten plastic has acquired the required shape. Therefore, now when the plastic is cooled, it will surely come out in its original solid form and with a new shape. This is basically the synopsis of the entire procedure. But there are various other technical issues involved which are hard to comprehend by an ordinary layman. In this regard, you must also know a few other things.

For instance, the manufacturers have to take into account various factors like cost and time. It is, after all, a business and the industry won’t survive if the cost is high and speed is low. Similarly, while making cap mold, factors like uniformity in sizes have to be maintained. Then there are custom demands which have to be met. The client may ask for labeling or branding of the cap, or he may ask to make it in a specific design or color.


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