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Airport Transportation You Have Your Choice

by johndeclan

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When you are planning your flight you
have to determine your airport transportation. Should you take advantage
of Orlando airport transportation? Or should you drive your car and
park at an airport parking lot? You will want to take into consideration
if you want to pay for the convenience of the shuttle as opposed to
driving yourself to the airport.

Airports have lots nearby with shuttles
going from the lot to the airport. The shuttle ride is covered by your
parking lot fee. The farther is the lot from your airport, the cheaper
will be the daily fee. The shorter distance, meaning a shorter shuttle
ride from lot to airport, means a higher parking rate. But you might
think it is worth the extra charge if you do not want a long shuttle

If you will be away for an extended time
then you will want to figure the cost of the shuttle ride from your
home to the airport with the total cost of your parking fee. If the
shuttle trip costs seventy dollars to and from your home but your
parking fee is fifty dollars total then seemingly you would save twenty
dollars calling for a shuttle to pick you up at your door.

But remember to add in the cost of gas
for your car to drive to the parking lot. And you have to be ready for
the ride back to your home.

If you are in the van the farthest one
from the airport you can expect a lot of stops at other people’s homes
before getting to your door. Some like being driven home though
especially if they have had a long flight.

You might not like getting into your car
and drive home in rush hour traffic after spending hours on an
airplane. You might in this case not mind the many stops the orlando
airport shuttle service makes on your way home. And if you are
particular about your car then remember that most parking lots are open.
You will in most cases not have your car covered at night. So there is
no need to wash your car before leaving it in the parking lot.

Do not make the mistake of driving past
the shuttle stop when you enter the parking lot. Leave your bags with
the attendant at the shuttle stop. If not you will have to carry your
bags all the way back from your parking space to the shuttle pick up.

And take into account the extra security
you will now go through at the airport. Arrange for your shuttle pick
up from your home in plenty of time to make your flight. If you are
driving take into account traffic and the chance of traffic jam on your
way to the airport. Have an alternate route to the airport if you have
to get off the freeway because of jam up.

About the Author:

John Declan is a fun loving guy and
wants to explore various facets of life. He also loves to globe trotting
and is on a go for quite sometimes. Writing articles and blogs about
his travelling experience is something that John loves to do during his
free time. In this particular write up, he emphasizes various aspects of
orlando airport transportation and orlando airport shuttle service.

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