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Find The Best Note-Taking Programs For Students

by JaysonAdams

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You're a student who has just spent hundreds of dollars on a Mac computer. Now you need to maximize your purchase and make it work for you. Rather than having scattered notes, spreadsheets, and documents stored all over your computer, find a program that will help you keep everything you need for school—and for your life—organized. There are several programs available to Apple Mac users, and it can be overwhelming to sort through them to find just one that works for all of your needs. Follow these tips to help you find the best one for you.


Because Mac are so portable and can store so much information, Mac note-taking software has tremendous potential. The Apple Notes application is standard on most new Macs, but many people want additional features, such as the ability to track PDFs and other important class documents. This functionality is great for students who might be able to catch a few minutes of study time on their iPad as they ride the bus home from class. (When you spot a college student on their phone, don't assume that they're mindlessly texting!) With the NoteBook program, students can also store email messages and web links all in one place.


Most students grew up taking notes in spiral-bound notebooks. Some students feel more comfortable having note-taking computer programs that have the look of an actual paper notebook. NoteBook recreates the notebook appearance you're so familiar with, in electronic form. With NoteBook you can build outlines, which always come in handy for capturing class notes.


Some of the best notes software, such as NoteBook for Mac, helps you organize your notes as well. Without proper organization, your notes are of no use and you'll waste time looking for what you need. As a student, you should organize your notes into separate sections for each course, and subsections for each topic or lecture. The average college student takes three or four courses at once, so it's essential for them to be able to separate and organize materials from each course.


It's also important to keep track of several assignments, all with different due dates. With NoteBook, you can publish important to dos and events to your calendar with ease. If you need to study for a test a week in advance, for instance, you can create a reminder in the Calendar app to start studying, right from within your notes inside of NoteBook.


With today's technology, there's no reason you can't be organized. You can have everything you need in one place, from your notes to your calendar to your contacts. Make a short list of features that work for your learning style. You're sure to find an Apple notes program that meets your needs.



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