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Donate Cell Phones & provide vital funds to non-profit organ

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Do you have an unused cell-phone that you want to donate? Or have you ever heard about recycling old cell phones? If yes, then many of the companies have arrived in the market that offers Recycle Used Cell Phones program with an aim to save every cell phone from ending up in a landfill. As per the EPA report only 20% of cell phones are recycled every year while the rest of them ends up in a landfill, which is ultimately a waste of resources therefore, it has become imperative to get your used or old cell phones recycled. These companies work with charities, individuals and corporate to get the maximum output from the recycle used cell phones program. To save millions of phones that end up in landfills, these companies arrived with an aim to become a part of solution of such serious problem.

These companies collect the phones from the people having cell phones that have no longer use and send it to the Cell phone distributors and recycling plants giving people a convenient and eco-friendly recycling option. You can Donate Old Cell Phones to these companies for free and these companies will pay the cash to your desired charity. All you need is to print the prepaid shipping label and send the phone to them while the company will provide the direct cash payment to a charity selected by you. These companies provide cash payment depending on the condition and value of the used cell phone thus, in this way you can make a great difference for the planet and the charity you choose.

The corporate industries can easily enhance their brand image as they can provide vital funds to their favorite non-profit organization. Being a donor to Donate Cell Phones these companies offer you such a great service free of cost and in this manner you can also save our planet and donate to your desired charity. Protecting the environment by recycling your used Cell phones has never been so easy. To take part in the recycle used cell phones program you need to find out the most legit and reliable company and for that it is wise to visit online as many of the companies available online. These companies will help you to keep cell phones out of landfills and incinerators and provide you an opportunity to provide vital funds to thousands of charities. So, visit online now and donate your Cell phone now.

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