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What Makes CodeIgniter Framework The Best Option For You?

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If you are a PHP coder who wants to create a comprehensive web application with a number of features and you are looking for a simple and elegant toolkit for creating such an application then CodeIgniter is the right framework for you. It comes with the added advantage of a very small footprint which makes the application light weight and easy to use. It is the that perfect framework that you have always wanted if you are looking for a change from one of those gargantuan and undocumented frameworks that you are currently using.

Codeigniter(CI) helps you achieve exceptional performance in a relatively short span of time. There are also far too less hassles associated with configuring the CI framework as compared to its counterparts. As CodeIgniter comes supported with a number of extra utilities, using this framework when you are in a hurry to finish that job within a given deadline makes your life a whole lot easy as it does not require you to spend any more time in building up the command line for adding in those extra utilities. Adding more ease to your work is the fact that using the CodeIgniter framework for software development makes your application compatible with a wide range of standard hosting accounts that have the capacity to run a variety of PHP versions and configurations. Another benefit of using CodeIgniter is the flexibility it provides by creating classes for FTP, email, file uploading, XML-RPC and zip encoding etc. This allows the developer to rest easy and not worry about giving names to his database tables or name his models after his tables. While PHP is not necessarily a templating language, but it could easily pass that test due to the way it is interpreted.

Developers working in the technology are even more endowed owing to CodeIgniter’s inherent attributes which thus does not force them to learn a templating language. Of course with the availability of Twig and Smarty which are popular templating engines, additional functionalities can be included in an application based on CodeIgniter. The framework is based on the MVC architecture which clearly states that the views have to be separated from the back end of a given application. It is the controllers which connect the back and the front end. Essentially it is that separation between the front and the back end of a web application which makes the code readable and easier to understand, which in turn facilitates the developer who uses the CodeIgniter framework to develop his application without worrying much about the front and the back end.

If you are an end user company and would not be much interested for having an in-house development team to build and manage the web application which is an interface between your business and a larger client segment in today’s world, then off-shoring that application is the best solution for you. Obviously you ought to be judicious about the company whose development services you are hiring. But you would not worry much if you are hiring the expert development services of a software development company that has been around for the last 13 years. This company, Mindfire Solutions, an offshore development company who believes in the flexibility and autonomy provided by small teams and the power of Agile development methodologies beckons you to justify your choice by going through the CodeIgniter development projects and a sample CodeIgniter case study. When you
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