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Self Image is the most significant -

by anonymous

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We all want to look good in the eyes of others. However we do not realize that it is the most important thing is to be satisfied in what we are. Until and unless a person is not content with what he or she is no amount of appraise or appreciation from others will manage to do him or her any good or provide. What is often considered a fact is that the acceptance of others is what is necessary and needed so as to know that one is good in a certain aspect such as looks, mannerisms, body language, communication skills, so on and so forth.

• As a result, a majority of us tries and makes effort to please others so that they are in awe of certain factors about our personality.

• This is the rising trend that is being not only projected but also being followed in society to quite a large extent. It is therefore essential to realize that this is not what shall exactly boost your morale or your self-esteem.

• What is really needed is the recognition and approval of oneself. So, that does not mean that if you have certain undesirable physical or mental conditions, which can be changed, then you bear with them and simply submit to those difficulties for the sake of reception.

• But instead what it means is that you must take the effort and do all of that which is within your means and is required so that you may be successfully able to change it, but for your own self and not instead for others.

• Now, on the other hand, if you have a dark condition of the skin because of your genes, then that is something that you must be accepting about. Trying to be fair is just one more fad that exists, and has no real reason for itself. Thus, if you belong to a culture where people are dark in terms of the color of their skin, then there is no need to be ashamed or dejected about it.

In this way it is rather vital to understand that trying to seek new and more ways of getting the recognition of others, there is no real use as no amount of it would be actually be enough to satisfy such a kind of a quest. The best thing is to realize oneself.



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