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All About Carrier in Certificate 3 in aged care

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Caring for the aged is counted among the most satisfying careers. There is a rapid demand for work force in this area over the past few years. Elderly patients are in need of quality health care facilities. This area of work requires the person to be patient and understanding apart from being qualified. This article discusses about the different aspects of the career in aged care.

Career Opportunities

The reasons for demand in aged care sector are many starting from the increased number of health issues among the old to individuals finding it difficult to make time for the elderly after their personal and professional commitments. Aged care is provided at both homes and nursing centers. Careers in this field depend on where you are interested in working. In nursing homes or old age communities you will be required to offer nursing assistance to the patients and keep a check on the diet provided to them. If you choose to work for a patient at home, you will be employed as a personal care assistant. This will call for involvement in every area of your patient’s life. The work can be challenging depending on the condition of the patient. As a part of your profession you also get to interact with the families of these patients and help them in making life smoother and rewarding. Certificate 3 in aged care is among the best courses which prepare you for this career.


Being a qualified professional is essential to be employed. A course in home and community care can go a long way in equipping you for an aged care career. There are a number of reputed training centers which offer courses like certificate 3 in aged care, certificate 4 in aged care etc. These courses are for a period of around 3 months and it includes theory and clinical sessions. A CERT 3 aged care in Brisbane ensures that you are both knowledgeable and experienced in your field of work. Most of these training centers help you get employed depending on your future plans.

Choosing the Right Place To Be Trained

Selecting a reputed training center is essential to ensure you get a high quality of education. Inquire about their previous year's placement percentage to know their success rate. Apart from this they should be a registered agency with a good experience in this field. Check with them on the contents of the Cert III aged care training in Brisbane to know in detail about what you will be taught during your course. You can also check with them if they provide email or phone support in case you have doubts. In case you wish to study further you can discuss with them on if they have the next level of the course in their center

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