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Negative Links

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Negative SEO is the practice of attacking your competitors’ websites by using low-quality back links, rather than taking the time to build high-value links back in your own site. Low-quality back links reduce your website’s natural search performance. It is cheap, easy to do, and difficult to trace. It disturbs webmasters who have been using linking schemes to artificially inflate their SERP rankings. Spammers utilize negative SEO to bring down their competitors’ ranking and bury bad news about themselves or their company. It is proven through various studies that Negative SEO is used to lower a competitor’s ranking.

Negative SEO attacks your site through links from “bad neighborhood” sites, such as gambling, adult, and other illegal websites, foreign language sites, pages that have been created for the sole purpose of spamming the search engines, and pages that have more than 60 links in their body texts.

We inform you about the tactics used by the spammers, monitor your website’s back link profile for evidence that malicious links are being directed towards your site, and protect your site from negative SEO attack. We provide you with an authoritative or high-quality link profile so that it will be difficult for your competitors to damage your website and reputation with a short-term attack.

We implement planned and systematic activities in a quality system so that we can fulfill quality requirements of our client. Our dedicated quality assurance team pursue following steps to ensure error prevention systematic measurement, comparison with a standard and monitoring processes.

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