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Question 1

“An insurer or producer may not cancel, refuse to underwrite, or renew a particular insured risk or class of risks based wholly or partly on race, color, religion, gender, blindness, or any other arbitrary reason.” The previous text defines what?

Question 2

Regarding insurance fraud, the Commissioner may:

Question 3

Advertisements may be:

Question 4

How old must a person be to obtain a license as insurance producer in Maryland?

Question 5

Unfair trade practices are subject to fines of up to ______ for each violation.

Question 6

As a disciplinary action, the Commissioner may assess penalties of ________.

Question 7

The Commissioner may require up to __ hours of continuing education per renewal period for producer licensed for less than 25 consecutive years.

Question 8

Insurers must report _________of a producer and update the producer register with the Commissioner within 30 days of the effective date.

Question 9

In addition to any greater penalty provided under the law, violation of Maryland insurance laws and regulations is a ________offense, subject to a fine up to $100,000.

Question 10

The Commissioner sets rules and regulations for minimum standards loss ratios based on claims experience and earned premiums in accordance with the _____.




Question 3

Licenses expire ___________on the anniversary of the date the license was issued?