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Common Mistakes While Creating Portfolio Websites

by pixpadesign

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If you are a creative professional who works online, you need to carry a portfolio website then. A stunning portfolio will help you earn a lot of potential clients in the long run. A lot of people jump straight into the work market without spending a considerable amount of time working on the portfolio. Due to the increase in the dependency on the Internt and better referral programs, lot of clients tend to go online with intent to search for contractors. Before hiring a professional like photographers, designers, videographers, etc. the first thing people do is to look at their portfolio and decide whether to choose or not. So having an organized portfolio is a must and can play a vital role in your career.

A good portfolio should be your reflection. It will initially speak for you. A portfolio should be designed and developed in a complete professional way, so that client can be motivated for contacting you after seeing your profile. You cannot afford to make any mistake while creating your portfolio. Here are some of the common mistakes people can make while creating an online portfolio, and a guided instruction of how you can avoid these mistakes.

1. Difficult to Find
Make sure that your portfolio is easy to find and navigate. For instance you have written a lot of information about your education background. But what your client is looking for is your design samples. If the samples are two clicks away then it is fine, however if your designs are not easy to find, the client does not have so much time, Be sure about putting the buttons in place and the pages in order, chronologically or alphabetically.

2. Missing or poor descriptions

When you update your portfolio online, you mean to guide your clients to look around what you have done by narrating or describing every piece of work that you have done. Give labels to each project if possible, link it to the actuate work that you have done. Attach the testimonial of your client or other feedback that is related to your task. If the work was featured somewhere, do not forget to give a valid link and don’t forget to check the link from time to time, because a dead link in your portfolio will bring bad impression which can result in rejection.

3. Do not lie
Over the year we have seen that people upload the work of other people or download it from the internet and post them in their portfolio and take credit for them. This is completely unethical and you will have to pay for it in the long run.

4. Poor Quality Photo
Many people upload their work on the web that they have designed for printed media. You have to know that printed media and design media is not the same thing. For this reason some of the photos in the portfolio get pixilated or gets blurry and dark. Which makes the portfolio looks ugly. You started with the plan of getting a stunning portfolio and tell me why shall anyone hire a contractor with an ugly portfolio?

5. Just too much
One thing you have to keep in mind while making your portfolio is simplicity. If you cluster the works with a lot of unnecessary items, you will result in myopia and lose your potential clients just because of displaying items which are not related despite uploading relevant items too. Always show your best works.

The first impression is the last impression. An online portfolio is your key to first impression. So try not to mess it up.

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