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Asian Makeup For That Special Day Makes A Difference

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Asian makeup for brides is quite dramatic in every ways. If you look at the pictures of
Indian brides you will notice that their eyes are so full of drama, their lips
are technically perfect and contouring is much heavier than most other makeup
ideas. For such makeup to be done in the West, it is very important to find a proper artist. In Harrow, you will have to find a top Asian bridal makeup artist harrow to make sure your Asian theme of wedding and dressing is met.

Although drama is all over the Asian bridal makeup, it is quite significant to the ethnicity of the countries in Asia. It makes sense that people living in Asia are cultured and, it is often believed that your culture is reflected in what you wear and how you carry it. When marriages are concerned, the dressing sense is overtly loud, but never loses it sense.

Essentials for Bridal Makeup :-

Going by the Asian trend, the basic to the bridal makeup is a good base. For the Indian brides, it is best to apply heavy contour to achieve the look without making the paint too dramatic. Using an airbrush can make it easier. This helps in blending the contours on the cheeks, jaw line, temples and nose so that it is possible to bring that desired effect. However, it is important to remember
that the undesirable patchiness should not become obvious. The makeup should blend
in such a way so that there are no visible patches. Only an experienced Asian bridal makeup artist harrow can do it for you.

Because brides normally wear a red coloured outfit, which is standard for any Indian or Asian bride, it is important to blend the colours correctly. Red being the base, there will be shades of gold and bronze that will play significant role in the outfit. Eyes will be defined using liquid liner and Kohl. The importance of Kohl is very high with respective to Asian makeup, be it bridal or non-bridal. Similarly, the use of eye-shadow is also quite extensive. Brides often want to wear fake eyelashes that blend seamlessly with the shadow and give an attractive appeal to the face. The look will be completed only after a rosy red to dark red lip colour is applied. Shimmery red tones also work well on the lips.

Asian Brides in the East

In countries other than India, such as Korea, Japan and China, the western bridal outfit has replaced traditional costumes in most cases. The white dresses for females and tuxedos for males make perfect traditional attire for the wedding day. Although the dressing is quite simple, either in white, off white or crimson, for the bride, there is a special significance of makeup that needs to be considered. For such wedding attires, the bride should be given nice eye makeup – simple and sober. The colour tone should not be too loud; keeping it very simple and soft is the way to go. Only working on the eyes can make a remarkable difference to the dress. Similarly, the lips should be painted in pink or lighter tones to complete the makeup.


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