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GeoLoqal features

by nickchristo7

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GeoLoqal Platform Features
User Portal:
Platform components are available for configuration and deployment via GeoLoqal’s web portal.

All features of GeoLoqal’s platform are available and exposed via RESTful services.

GeoLoqal offers battery safe SDKs for iOS, Android, Titanium now and will be adding more in the near future (PhoneGap, Blackberry, Windows).

Geo Layers:
Get started with a huge collection of public layers (e.g. POI data like Starbucks, Subway Sandwiches, BestBuy etc.), administrative boundaries like cities, states, localities, zip codes, metro areas etc. In addition to this, start uploading your private layers to create geofences.

Seamless User Locations:
We make locating users seamless via a myriad of technologies – GPS, WPS, AGPS, GeoIP and Cell Lookups. Concentrate on business functionality and we will take care of your customers’ locations.

Grouped Location Triggers:
Imagine the power of twitter style hashtags in your location triggers. GeoLoqal provides easy grouping of geofences so you can go about targeting as many locations as you want with a single command. With GeoLoqal’s trigger codes, you can take action when a trigger is satisfied and also when it is not – by sending any “free form text” back to your application. This could easily be a text message or even a ad image.

With GeoLoqal, you don’t have to rip and replace your back-end systems. Rather, you can update them in real-time using Web hooks.

Location Simulation:
GeoLoqal’s platform provides a systematic, methodical way of testing your location aware applications worldwide. Imagine being able to test your application on the streets of London while being at your desk in Manhattan. We included equally complex geometries in our location simulation suite too.

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