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Pawn Vs Sell

by anonymous

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The recent tough economic conditions have witnessed a surge in the popularity of pawn shops. People from all quarters throng pawnshops to exchange their goods for some quick money. Pawn shops are game for any sort of valuable item that you might possess. These include electronic gadgets, designer clothes, jewelry, handbags, musical instruments and even cars.

So what is actually pawning and how can you benefit from it? In a layman’s language, pawning is the process of gaining some quick cash by exchanging your item as collateral at a pawn shop. You can easily get back your valuable item after repaying the loan along with the pre-decided interest. In case you are not able to pay back the loan, the pawn shop will keep your item and sell it to somebody else in order to gain money. You can even sell any item at the pawn shop if you want to.

But people are always in a dilemma whether it is better to sell a valuable item or pawn it? Following are some of the important pointers that will help you in taking the final decision. Read on…

  1. Internet is the best source to get all kinds of information regarding everything. This is no different when it comes to pawning. You must go online and do a thorough research on all the pawn shops to select the one that will suit you the best. You must pawn or sell your precious belongings only at the pawn shop that gives the optimum deal.
  2. Keep yourself updated about all the options related to pawning as well as selling. Knowing everything will better equip you in taking the decision of what you exactly want to do. You must carefully calculate whether you will be able to return the loan or not. Also, if the product holds too much emotional importance for you, do not risk losing it by pawning at a pawn shop.
  3. Before stepping out of your home, make sure you decide the price of the item that you are going to pawn or sell. Also, once you go to a pawn shop, you can always conduct negotiations to settle for a final price.
  4. If you take your items in their original packing at the pawn shop, it will surely make a difference in the price that you will be offered. Receipts and guarantee slips on electronic items or designer jewelry and other such items go a long way in assuring that your item is genuine.
  5. If the item that you are taking at the pawn shop is broken or damaged, remember that the pawn shop owner will not be inclined towards buying it.
  6. Paying the loan back on time will prove to be beneficial for you. But if you are unable to do so, you will end up losing your valuables. Even an extension in the loan period can be a heavy burden on your pocket.


Correctly estimate of your financial condition to finally decide whether you want to pawn or sell your valuable item.

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