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NAS storage devices can increase the storage space

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Data is the valuable asset for all industries. For all these industries, information technology is the main sector, which has the growing volume of data. It is important for all organizations to maintain and store the companies’ critical information. Usually, all IT organizations choose servers to maintain their growing data and to provide network connections within organization. But, the main drawback with the traditional servers is that these have the limited capacity to manage the data. These cannot maintain the large amount of information. If the data storage is reached the maximum limit, then it becomes difficult for the servers to provide the high processing power.

To overcome these challenges, IT professionals have developed multiple storage devices to increase the memory capacity and efficiency. There are numerous devices for storing the information such as SAN, NAS, DAS, Storwize, tape drives, zip drives, data travelers, compact disk, hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SDD), autoloaders and many more. NAS storage devices are the one to provide high capacity and competency. These devices can directly connect to the servers to increase the storage space.  NAS is abbreviated form of network attached storage. It is completely different form SAN (storage area network) device. NAS is a single storage device that functions with various data files, where as SAN is the local network of several devices to manage the disk blocks. It works through Ethernet using TCO or IP protocols, but the SAN uses fibre channel to function with internet connections.

There are many benefits of implementing NAS devices. It can improve the capacity and reduce the operational costs. It can easily share the files in the same network, even if there are multiple users. It can also centralize the information to minimize the manual time and work pressure. NAS devices can enhance the protection and offer various solutions to maintain the crucial industrial information. These are specially designed for all kinds of organizations to meet the industrial needs and can manage the client systems.  There are various models with several specifications such as N3220, N3240, N3220 571, N3220 A12, N3240 A15 and many more. All these devices can offer multiple functions like reliability, availability, scalability and many more. NAS has a web interface to configure the disks and offers various devices to use RAID array.

However, these are cost effective and offer various solutions to improve the efficiency and business performance. Hence, most of the organizations are implementing these devices to enhance their competency.

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