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Comparing hardwoodfloors Charleston SC toothertypesof floors

by JonesRichard

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When you are building or remodeling a house you have to think about the materials you will use for the floor. When it comes to flooring materials you have very many options to consider. You can have a plain concrete floor that is inexpensive but unimaginative. If you have a bare floor you can cover it with a carpet. Ceramic tiles are also popular because they add color and style to your floor. You can also use marble if you don't mind its cost or synthetic materials like vinyl and laminates that are made to look like wood. Solid wood is an excellent option too. Hardwood floorscan be made from a variety of woods including maple, teak, mahogany and American cherry. Wood is perhaps the best flooring material when you consider all the available options. What are some of the advantages that hardwood floorshave over other types of floors?


Let us begin with cost. When you are constructing a building, cost is always at the top of your mind. Some materials like marble and ceramic tiles are more expensive than wood while synthetics like vinyl are cheaper. When looking at the overall cost of a wooden tile Charleston SC floor you should look beyond its initial cost - consider how long it will last and the cost of maintaining it over that period. Synthetic materials are cheaper but they don't last very long. A hardwood tilefloor that is properly installed and looked after will last even ten times longer than a synthetic floor and you won't spend much money maintaining thus making it cheaper in the long run.


Hardwood floors Charleston SC have greater heat retention capacity than concrete, ceramic and most synthetic floors. During cold winter months your feet will feel warmer on a wooden floor because it retains warmth. Ceramic floors become very cold and uncomfortable in winter. A hardwood floor also makes your house feel more comfortable and imbues it with warmth and character. A clean polished hardwood floor certainly exudes a feeling of luxury and style.


People with allergies to dust and molds have a rough time living in a house with carpets but experience immediate relief when the carpets are removed and replaced with hardwood floors. This is because, unlike carpets, a hardwood tile Charleston SC floor does not harbor dust, molds and irritating bugs as long as you keep it dry and clean.


Hardwood floors Charleston SC are also very easy to clean. Most times you will only need to sweep and then wipe the floor with a moist rug, being careful to ensure that it is properly dried. A hardwood tile Charleston SC floor does not require cleaning liquids like detergents and bleaches. Water and mild soap is enough. Every few months your hardwood floor will need a fresh coat of polish. Areas with a lot of human traffic like the hallway may require more frequent polishing because they lose their shine much quicker.


A hardwood tilefloor can remain in place for 100 years. You can nonetheless replace the floor before then if you want a new look for your house.




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