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Actuators Used in Manufacturing Vehicles

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Actuator technology is developing wisely with the new upgrades. Actuators are widely used in robots that handle the entire assembly process. The assembly process of a vehicle consists several stages; raw material is converted into important parts in no time. Technology is developing day by day, with the new inventions, it is easy to complete the manufacturing process in less time, resources required for functioning of these robots is comparatively less if compared to other equipment. Maintenance and repairs are also less; these robots can perform in robust conditions without any problem. These robots are easily assembled and installed for maximum output; the need to have these robots can be for speeding the manufacturing process.

The assembly process is defined where actuators are used, every step is important for smooth operation, these robots surely know how to complete their task in no time.

• Raw material is composed into important parts of the car. Metal parts heating takes place at high temperatures and passed through cooling chambers for assembling.

• The metal parts are then stamped with the correct dimension and size. This dimension has its own block of stamp. The metal plank passes through the stamping process in ease because of the actuator powered robots.

• The chassis is bolted with important hub points for future drilling. Details would be installed in those hub points.

• The bolted chassis is ready for fresh coat of paint. In this section, most of the automobile manufacturers have installed robots for precision-based output. The chassis is dipped in a special solution that ensures long life paint.

• Robots spray the desired color on the chassis directly. This chassis is turned at different angles so that the paint reaches all those areas. The chassis then heads to the baking section with the help of these actuators.

• The stamped panels are also given a fresh coat of paints. The baking process continues for the metal panels that have been spray-painted.

• Humans install the electronic devices that are part of the car. The human touch plays an important role in functioning of the assembly line. The engineer is precised and has years of experience for installation of electronic devices.

• Engine installation takes place with the use of robots that have the capacity to lift a heavy engine. Heavy-duty actuators are installed in lifting the weight of the engine. The pressure is set on those actuators where the robot carefully lifts the entire engine.

• The engineer performs final inspection where robots are equipped with laser machines to identify irregularity and defect. The robot is actuator powered and has a smooth laser tip at the end for identifying faults in design and installation. The car is loaded on a table lift to perform this task.

This is how exactly actuators make a huge difference in the automobile sector by launching the best in class actuators for manufacturing processes. Every brand has its own certification for actuators manufacturing .


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