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Timothy Wheeler DOX - BEWARE THIS PERSON!!!!

by anonymous

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Timothy E Wheeler

  Full Name: Timothy Eugene Wheeler

Timm Wheeler  

Full Address:   10144 Eastwood Drive  Dallas, Texas 75228  

Telephone Number(s):  

Home Phone Number: +1 (865) 484-6699  

Work Phone Number: +1 (214) 702-1229  

Information Regarding Timothy Wheeler

  He is 52-year-old male living in Dallas, Texas who goes under the name of “Timm Wheeler” and lives with his cohort, Austin Johnson (19)

. He lives at the property listed above, where he spends must of his day using and abusing people on social networking website such as Facebook and Twitter.

He recently tried to expose and modify Echelon operational information and documentation which terminated and postponed a project capturing pedophiles

who willingly attempt to purchase children and engage in human trafficking, commonly referred to as “Operation Little Angels” with the help of one of his

other cohorts, Kitty Hundal, who was assisting the operation for a period of less than one week in November 2012.   With the help of his two cohorts,

Kitty Hundal and Austin Johnson, he is attempting to destroy the operation completely by publishing modified documentation regarding this project,

and endangering people at random by labeling them “child snatchers” and “pedophiles” when in fact, he is a pedophile sympathizer and warning other

pedophiles of this operation. He shares folie á deux with his two cohorts and is incredibly deceitful due to his sociopathic delusions.  

We warn everyone whom comes into contact with either Timothy Wheeler, Austin Johnson or Kitty Hundal to be incredibly vigilant and not to discuss any private matters or concerns to them, as they will use these against you publicly.  

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