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Indian Jewellery - A Depiction of the Ancestral Heritage

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Its said that an Indian attire is never complete without proper jewellery that sinks in perfectly with the elaborate designs and intricate craftmanship. Indian jewellery has always been one of the most enthralling adornments for women across the globe. Creating a niche for its sheer beauty and exquisiteness, Indian jewellery has never failed to lure the conossieurs of fashion and style. Ranging from pieces covered in rich gold all the way to wooden ornaments, Indian jewellery has it all.


Jewellery in India specifically caters to ornaments made from gold that somewhat act as a status symbol during marriages and other social gatherings. Not only women but our Indian men too are smitten by its splendour. Nowadays, men love to flaunt intricately designed gold rings and gold watches as well. Given to its glamour, gold necklaces are regarded as very auspicious and symbols of prosperity. The exchange of gold chains and other gold ornaments during wedding ceremonies has become a regular affair. Gifting of gold necklaces is reverred to be a symbol of affection amidst relatives and loved ones. A subtle yet fine gold chain demonstrates a person's love and bonding for a close relative. Being a diverse country, each region and culture in India showcases its distinct variety of traditional jewellery. Taking a sneak peep into the various designs, we observe that women from the southern region have a fetish for heavy gold necklaces whilst in the northern territories women crave for more fashionable carved designs. The South Indian gold jewellery takes its inspiration from nature and team up perfectly with both traditional and western attires. The west has a craze for mirror and stone designed Indian jewellery while the east revels in its beaded gold chains.


India witnesses a blend of various dynasties of culture and architecture and this gets truly reflected in the Indian jewellery. With time, jewellery in India has moved from just constrainign itslef to just gold and now extensively includes integrates the use of glass, marble, plastic rice and various other metals. Boasting of a multitude of colorful precious stones, quite artistically engraved upon metals of various designs and kind, Indian jewellery presently forays a much elite and varied look. Platinum too, has paved its way into the hearts of millions with its sheer fineness and gorgeousness.


Indian jewellery carries its own distinct identity worldwide and its endless designs are a rage not only in the Indian sub-continent but in various corners of the world. Grab one soon for those exquisite and elegant parties and social gatherings.



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