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Materials Resident Should Consider for Replacement Windows

by rodneyorton

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It will come to a point when an old window have to retire, just like people. An old window is breezy, sticky, and ineffective—not exactly what you would like a window to be, specifically in a climate like Nebraska's. There will come a time when a window's service life ends and you'll need to obtain an appropriate replacement.

When it's the right time to throw your old windows, well, out the window, there are three well-received replacement window materials that homeowners can select from—vinyl, fiberglass, and fibrex. Expert contractors of replacement windows in Lincoln NE weigh in on each of these selections so you can make an educated choice:


There are many reasons vinyl is the leading choice for window replacements, first of which is that it is affordable. Since the material can be extruded, vinyl window frames can be made into different shapes, providing the required strength and size that you need. Vinyl also stands up to heat transfer, keeping heat out in the summer season and trapping it in during the cold months. There is a major aesthetic drawback to vinyl, though, because color selection is extremely limited.


Fiberglass windows are recently becoming more well-received by Nebraska home owners. Just like modern boat hulls, fiberglass windows are produced from epoxy resins and fiberglass cloth. This process produces a material with a smooth, strong finish that can be painted on. Fiberglass window frames also have remarkable stiffness and strength that makes it give a wider opening.


Fibrex windows are an extremely unique product made from a composite material that is a combination of wood fibers and epoxy resins and copolymers. Despite consisting of a wood component, fibrex replacement windows do not rot. They also need very little maintenance of any sort. Furthermore, fibrex may be painted and dons a "wooden window" effect, making it an excellent option for classic-style homes. This product is a bit costly compared to all other window replacement materials, and hence has a reputation of being overpriced.

Similar to a lot of other purchases, finding out your options is the initial step when shopping for replacement windows. Speak to a contractor of windows in Omaha or Lincoln and figure out what best suits your home and budget. See to learn more on replacement window materials.

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