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How To Get Maximum Mark in IGNOU BCA

by anonymous

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Ignou.Bca is one of the most popular courses because it opens various avenues in the IT and communications industry. The university offers this course minimum for 3 years and maximum for 6 years. The examinations are about to begin and so one question is frequently ticking minds of people, to get maximum marks in the exam. The course of the university is well updated thus making the examination process complex, for people who do not take regular classes or tutoring. It is difficult to clear the exams if thorough studies are not done.

However, some tips can always help in preparing and scoring high in exams:

  • Ignou.Bca is technical subject which involves IT topics. It requires clear understanding of the concept as mugging up will not help while solving problems. Reading the course material carefully, understanding the minute details will help in mastering few topics.
  • While reading, the person can separate theory and practical topics which make the later revision process simple. Reading the important topics also will help in half preparation and enable decent score.
  • Giving examples, illustrations and drawing necessary diagrams in the Ignou.Bca will make the paper versatile to get good score.
  • Keeping paper neat and clean will also help as cluttering may prevent the invigilator to read the written.
  • Attempting sure answers first is essential. It gives kick start to the examination and builds confidence for other answers.
  • If good in math, then attempting practical questions have better chance of scoring than theory. Practical questions have marking on each step which takes less time.
  • Practicing question sets is beneficial. It makes you realize the actual situation while solving paper and learn basic time management. Scores can be better once type of questions asked is known.
  • Studying all the topics which have been asked in previous 3 years papers will contribute in increasing the scores. Understanding the pattern will help.
  • Solving the question sets given at back of the IGNOU study material will definitely prove useful in getting good scores.
  • Reading the short notes or summary is great revision before the exam.
  • If time permits, attempt 1 extra question to be on the safe side.

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