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How to Make a Fingerprint Dusting Kit for Silver Jewellery?

by preciouslittle

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If you want to get silver print jewellery made but you do not want the person to, you can take the fingerprint of a cup or any surface with the help of a fingerprint dusting kit. A fingerprint dusting kit is not generally provided by the manufacturer but can be easily made using material available in the house.

Things that you would need:

  • Fine metal file
  • Graphite pencils (or pencil leads)
  • Pencil sharpener (in case you are using pencils)
  • A smooth paint brush
  • Index cards
  • Packaging tapes

Procedure to follow:

  • Use the metal file in order to file the graphite from over the pencil. File the graphite over an index card so that it is easier to collect and does not spill away. File away the graphite of one complete pencil (you may need more)
    • Pick up the index card on which you have collected the graphite powder and sprinkle it over the flattest surface of the object from which you wish to collect the fingerprint. Gently sprinkle a light layer of graphite powder over the surface.
    • Spread the powder around the paintbrush. As soon as you see a print being formed, brush off the extra powder and collect it on the index card.
    • Blow over the print very gently to make it more refined. Remember that this print is going to be used to order to make the fingerprint jewellery hence it has to be as refined as possible.
    • Press a piece of packaging tape over the graphite print. Make sure that the piece of packaging tape is larger than the graphite print. Slowly peel off the packaging tape.
    • Press the captured print on another index card and send it to the manufacturer in order to have the silver print jewellery with the fingerprint manufactured.

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