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Hallmarks of Best Property in Mumbai

by kulpune

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Whether a property falls under the ‘premium’ segment or not is determined by certain parameters. These parameters have a direct bearing on the price and value associated with commercial or residential property. For instance, the most exclusive and best property in Mumbai is concentrated in areas such as Cuffe Parade, Malabar Hills, Juhu, Bandra, Pali Hill, and so on. These areas feature homes of high net worth individuals and buying a property here is a direct indication of one’s affluent status.

If you dream of investing in the finest available residential property in Mumbai, here are some parameters that need to be conspicuous by their presence:

Location of the property

The location is what differentiates a multi-million dollar property in Mumbai from an average one. A property that is located in an elite residential area or business district will naturally command a higher value. A luxury home needs to have several other similar luxury homes in its vicinity. The privacy offered by the location and the home itself is also a determining factor. In addition to privacy, the security offered by the home and locality also plays a very important role. A luxury apartment that gives you sweeping views of the city is a definite value-add.

Space in the home and common areas

Ample space inside the house, and intelligently designed outdoor spaces that give privacy is something that every premium apartment needs to have. A home that cuts corners on space will not allow dwellers to fulfill all their dreams in a restricted space. Simply stated, high-end property needs to have an area that is larger than an average home in the same category. In cities like Mumbai, premium apartments have enough space for a modern kitchen, a living room complete with high-end entertainment gizmos, large bathrooms where the latest fixtures can be installed, and so on. It is natural that someone who is spending crores of rupees on the best property in Mumbai would want to richly decorate the home. Space is also of the essence in the common areas of premium residential property in Mumbai.

High-end specifications and fixtures

Lavishly appointed homes have the best of marble floors, granite, luxurious wall paint, French windows, elegant sky decks, and so on. The bathrooms can be expected to have expensive bath fittings and bathtubs etc. Coming to the kitchen space, such a home would likely comprise high-quality granite on the kitchen platform, ample work space, and other specifications. One would also find provision for air conditioners in every room in the house.

Simply stated, a home that has opulence in every aspect of its construction can be classified as premium property. Such property in Mumbai is highly sought after by senior professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other high net worth individuals. There are only a handful of leading developers that provide homes that can live up to these stringent luxury parameters associated with the best property in Mumbai. You can expect to purchase 3BHK and 4BHK condominiums and luxury apartments from such builders.

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