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What is the difference between GPT and MBR?

by bellamartin

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GPT stands for GUILD Partition table and MBR stands for Master Boot Record. Most of the people have elementary information or no information about it and due to this they don’t even bother but these two are the most important architecture developed for creating partition for user to store their stuffs. MBR is the first technology developed in the early 1980’s for DOS compatible computer. MBR is the first 512 bytes located on the first sector of the disk which defines the partitions on the disk and boot code for the computer. Incase of MBR only a user can create maximum of three partitions. Even when the disk size increases above 2TiB (240 bytes) the MBR architecture fails. These drawbacks gives rise to the need of a new architecture so Intel came up with its new architecture which is popularly known as GPT and is attached with the UEFI. GPT is the acronym of GUID Partition Table. GUID is a 128 bit numeric code used for software program to identify the exact location of a data object on the disk space.  Some of the objects that use GUID are media files, doc files, Windows registry files etc. GUID is the acronym of Globally Unique Identifier. GUID use hexadecimal notation of 36 characters and for a doc file it look like this:

 {23894723 – 8903 – 1232 – 2348 – 789634951026} used for a MS Word document.

  • GPT allow user to make 128 partitions on the disk space which can be used by user for their own. The numbers of partitions depend on the amount of space available for creating Partition entries.
  • GPT allow a user to manage disk space 2 ZiB (270 bytes) thus offer more flexibility to user. GPT is used in Windows OS computers as well as in Macintosh computers. In GPT first block is reserved for protective MBR for ensuring compatibility with previously disk management utilities that are associated with used with MBR.
  • In case of MBR rules for creating partition are complex and poorly specified so GPT is preferred in comparison to the MBR. MBR is the only partition architecture scheme available until development of Windows server 2003. All x86 and x64 use MBR format.

What about Removable media?

Generally the removable media has only one partition or have MBR format to create partitions. The removable media which only constitute one partition are also categorized under new category named as “Superfloppy”. Removable media include floppy disk drives, JAZ disk cartridges, magneto optical disk, CD/DVD where as external hard disk which communicates through SCSI or IEEE 1394 are not categorized under removable media.

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MBR and GPT are the two schemes developed for creating partitions and converting disk space to user managed storage space. GPT is the latest one which offers a user to create partitions of space greater the 2 TiB .   

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