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Pawn Loan on Jewelry - Tips and Tricks

by adamcollins

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Whether you are in urgent need of cash or want to get rid of your old jewelry, you will be surprised to know that pawing them is going to fetch you a better deal than selling them at the jewelry store they were bought from. With the right knowledge and some skillful negotiating your precious ornaments can bring you relatively substantial financial gains. But you heed with cautions and make sure of a few things to enjoy full benefits of pawing jewelry at a pawn shop.


The first thing you need to do is to get your jewelry evaluated. You would probably want to go to someone who does not deal in buying and selling of the jewelry, a jewelry polisher or mender. It is important to get the gold/ silver weighed before you reach pawn shop. Knowing the value of the jewelry will prepare you to negotiate deal with the pawnbroker. This way you can get a fair loan on your jewelry products. If you cannot find a appraiser to get value of jewelry assessed you can visit online auction websites and get an estimate by comparing your jewelry piece to other similar ornaments.


The next is to find a reputable pawn shop. You may ask around and read customer reviews online before deciding on one. Now comes the task of improving salability of the jewelry. Clean your jewelry and make it look attractive. You don`t need to spend money to get it polished. Silver can be brushed with tooth paste to help bring shine to it. Likewise, gold jewelry can be soaked in warm water to which a few drops of dish washer has been added and later brushed using tooth brush. Since you will be doing this once you need not worry about the jewelry getting spoiled.


Another critical part of pawing is negotiating and you cannot negotiate if you look desperate. Pawn shopkeepers are aware that people who come in to sell jewelry do so in order to get quick cash. They will ask you the reason for selling your jewelry. Never tell them you need money. You can say that you do not like it anymore or do not want it anymore. Letting them know that you are in for money will dampen any possibility of getting a good deal out of it. This is most common in case “pre-love” jewelry where people want to get rid of jewelry as soon as possible and so act desperate.


Personally pawn shops are my favorite when it comes to realizing quick cash as they not only help to get money immediately but also gives an option to claim back the products.

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