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Public Relations: Introduction, Tools and Advantages

by prcrisis

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Promotion is a kind of corporate communication that follows variety of approaches to reach a target audience or a target market with a
convinced message in order to achieve desired goals.

Almost all companies, whether for profit or non-profit purpose, must take on some form of promotion. Of the five promotional mix choices, which are advertising, personal selling, sales, public relations, and direct marketing available to marketers, Public Relations receive the least amount of attention. Most marketers see PR only as a way of handling some basic activities like responding to queries by news media and press releases.

But in the current market scenario, where consumers are overwhelmed with abundance of promotional messages every day, PR provides number of methods for cutting through the clutter. In this article, we will see how public relations have grown as a promotional tool and in what ways; a Public Relations Company has become a critical part in reaching the desired business goals?

It is a way in which organizations, companies and people enhance their reputation. This task is carried out by professionals on behalf of their clients. The various areas that fall under the field of public relations include -

  • Building favorable image or awareness for an organization amongst public


  • Monitoring media channels for public views about an organization, its products and services


  • Managing crisis that could ruin the reputation of any organization

Key Tools Used for handling PRs:

  • There are several tools available for handling the PRs. These are:


  • Media tours


  • Media relations


  • Newsletters


  • Press releases


  • Sponsorships


  • Special events and more

Advantages of Effective PR Management:

  • The key role of PR Company is to help in establishing credibility for organization, product or person in the minds of target audience by highlighting on the influence of the third party (the media).


  • Media sources offer more space and time for the explanation and elevation of the product.


  • Third advantage of taking assistance of PR companies is, depending upon media outlet; a story describing the company may be lifted up by plenty of media. In this manner, spreading a single piece of information to numerous locations. Thus gaining global recognition.


  • In many cases, the cost of public relations to achieve organizational objectives is much less as compared to other  promotional methods.

In most areas of the world, the impact of traditional methods for promotions is fading forcing PR professionals to move quickly to find
new techniques to reach their target audience.

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