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What characterizes the best of today's Mac notes apps?

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The last few years have seen the greatest advances in history for Mac notes apps specifically due to a growing market need for highly effective note-taking applications and due to increased competition among the developers of various brands. Users can today accomplish a host of amazing things with a simple app whether using an iPad, a Smartphone, a laptop or a desktop computer. What are some of the most important and awe-inspiring capabilities of contemporary note-taking apps for the Mac?


The first of these features is diagramming which allows Mac users to incorporate custom charts, figures and diagrams within a note. The Circus Ponies NoteBook app incorporates an in-built cache of shapes and lines that can be used quite easily to create a diagram within a note. Such diagrams can then be formatted for color, size, orientation and layout. Additionally, modern note-taking apps support tabulated data within Mac notes. This means that one can importspreadsheet-like grids of a table into a textual note to create such contents as schedules, records, and registers related to the subject of a specific note. Some apps even allow for automated formulaic imputation into the tables thus assimilating modern spreadsheet capabilities. This capability is available with such apps as SOHO, Caboodle, Circus Ponies NoteBook, and OmniOutliner Pro.


Another exciting capability of contemporary note-taking apps for Mac is attachments which gives users the ability to append documents and files to Mac notes. A user can therefore attach images, diagrams, spreadsheets and other file types alongside a note, a great capability for organizing information from different sources and applications. Modern Mac note-taking apps also typically support "outlining," which refers to the ability to store notes either as a simple list or hierarchical list. This means that notes can be accumulated in an ordered fashion that is both flexible and highly organized.


Modern note-taking apps for Mac also incorporate multimedia with features like voice recording. This means that Mac users can now take notes and simultaneously synchronize those notes with the speaker. This allows users to playback audio files of their note-taking sessions while reviewing the notes to complement or clarify the notes taken. Further, some note-taking apps such as Evernote Mac, Circus Ponies NoteBook, Pear and SOHO incorporate an in-built camera to enable the capture of audio-visual content. Mac users can thus capture short snaps and videos without the need for other specialist apps.


Modern Mac notes apps also have an integrated capability for inter-device synchronization thus allowing Mac users to sync their notes between mobile phones, tablets and computers in real time. A similarly innovative feature of contemporary note-taking apps is clipping. This allows users to select content and send it as a clip into a Mac note-taking app such as Circus Ponies NoteBook, Yojimbo, DEVONnote, Evernote or OmniOutliner. This means that Mac users can quickly copy content while using other applications, browsers or websites and store it in the note-taking app for later access or reference.



These are just some of the amazing features of contemporary notes apps from Mac. Other notable capabilities include creation of rich text notes (with formatted text), advanced search mechanisms (including fuzzy text processing and latent semantic indexing), multi-document note storage, and direct export to blogs (specifically for bloggers in such apps as the MacJournal).


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