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Different Types of Atlanta Hardwood Floors for Your Home

by adam89

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Beautiful Atlanta hardwood floors, which have been in use for many years, might have lost their lustrous shine and may have started looking rough. The old hardwood floor might have been covered with a carpet for many years, in some cases. Only an Atlanta hardwood flooring professional will be able to bring original glory back to the old floor.

Atlanta hardwood finishing is durable and with little maintenance, it can last a lifetime. It is prone to scratches and damages that might occur because of fine particles. Damage can be minimized by cleaning the floors to remove such particles. It is essential to refinish the floors at different points over the years. If the floors are allowed to wear unevenly, they will finally get riddled with gouges and they will need to be replaced. Refinishing options are available at different levels of wear and tear, and can bring back original lustre.

In order to remove light scratches or the dulling finish, the previous urethane is removed and a fresh coat of urethane is painted. This process creates minimum mess in the home, and may be completed using water based coatings with low VOC. In case the finish has worn out deeply, more sanding would be required for removing the layer of urethane completely. The floor should be re-stained for maintaining a uniform colour. After drying of the new stain, layers of urethane are applied.

Even if wood has got structural damage, the entire floor need not be replaced. Changing the complete flooring is an expensive refinishing project but very economical compared to replacing of the full floor. Main factor against these floors is humidity that can cause substantial damage to natural wood.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Atlanta carpet solid hardware flooring can be procured prefinished or unfinished. Unfinished hardwood flooring could be stained, sanded and coated at the site after installation. This way custom stain colours can match the decor of your home. Unfinished flooring creates lot of mess that can be reduced by hiring high quality contractors. The finishing procedure may be followed many a time for restoring beauty of the floor.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

This flooring is a mixture of synthetic material and many layers of veneers of wood laminated together for forming each plank for the flooring. It serves as the bottom layer. It is resistant to moisture. These floorings come prefinished from the factory. The advantage here is that factory can coat the finish seven times or more. Thus a very durable surface is created. Top layers are actually made of natural wood. These are much thinner and are generally struck to surface. Because of thinner surface the chances of refinishing the floors get reduced on their wearing over period of time

Laminate Flooring

This flooring is made of synthetic material that does not contain natural wood products. Because of this it is very resistant to the moisture. It is strong and durable and gives plastic like finish. Laminate flooring can be purchased in different colours and finishes, which look like tiles, stone or wood flooring. You should select the material which is likely to last lifetime. Professional flooring installer should be hired for getting best results.

Selecting the right Atlanta hardwood flooring for your home is very important in order to maintain the look and grandeur of your home. Great American floors, is offering affordable Atlanta hardwood refinishing services.

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