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Do you need Instant Pain Relief without prescription drugs?

by liyo89

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Our aim is to offer you an alternative to over the counter drugs today that will help relieve the pain of Headaches, Arthritis, Back pain, Rheumatism, Tension, Sports injuries, even Nausea and Insomnia and all without prescription drugs. Whether you’ve pulled a muscle at the gym, or you’re suffering from neck tension or a headache from working too many hours at the computer, we can help you!


Here at Drug free therapies you will find relief with The Healing Pod and Healing C.D. The Healing Pod is a high tech, Multi functional unit which mimics acupuncture needles with a non invasive, painless method of delivering controlled, low frequency modulated pulses that run for 20 minutes, producing 8 different modes and 32 simulation waves.


It is very small and portable, can be worn anytime, anywhere, even while driving to work, without being seen, (there are no wires) and it comes in a beautiful gift box. It makes an ideal gift, offers relief to people suffering a number of conditions, i.e. backache, frozen shoulder, neck tension, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Stress, Insomnia, to name just a few. If you attend a Chiropractor or a Physiotherapist the Healing Pod will only compliment their treatment and help to speed up the process. It can be used as many times as necessary in a 24 hour cycle. Once you use one of these devices you will wonder how you managed to get by without it! You will feel so relaxed and de-stressed after a session with this powerful product.


The unit itself will last for years if looked after properly, the sticky patches will normally last for 180 uses and there are two of them in your kit, so together they will last approx a year or more, and they are not expensive to replace, when you consider that this complete unit is not much more than one professional visit and you will have it at home to use as many times as you like, it is great value for money.


Have a look at our YouTube video to learn more about this fabulous device. The Healing session compliments the Healing pod using very specific scientifically proven technology, to improve the healing process. This is not just brain entrainment alone! Although the Healing Pod does a great job on its own, the Healing session will help you to relax and to sleep better at night if used in conjunction with the Healing Pod.

It can also be used to help you fall into a very peaceful and deep healing sleep.


These products will make great last minute Gift for the person who has everything or for Mother’s day, or Fathers Day gifts, birthdays and last minute Christmas gift, your order will usually be processed the same day.

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