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Ipe Decking Versus Cedar Decking

by Abswood

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The presence of a well designed deck in beautifying element, in a compound. It adds a majestic glamour to the setting. There are many kinds of decks available to ornament a backyard, apartment, hotel or resort. Ipe decking is one of the most popular choices among them. Ipe wood is extremely durable as it is naturally rot resistant.

The exotic hardwood doesn’t require regular maintenance like other wooden furnishing objects. The Ipe wood decking transforms into beautiful grey colour overtime if you keep it untreated for long. Ipe wood is originally olive brown or black in colour; the natural colour can be sealed to remain. The thick wood is preferable for outdoor application such as decking, pool decking, outdoor furniture, etc. Ipe Decking is extremely hard and is resistant to insect, water, fire, chemicals and almost everything. It is immune to decay and rot. Ipe decking can last a lifetime and one can be sure of its immaculate elegance throughout their life.

Cedar wood is largely popular for making furniture. It can also be used for making decks. Cedar wood provides long timer with straight grain, which gives an elegant look to a deck. While both cedar and Ipe wood will wither to grey colour if not chemically preserved, cedar being relatively soft wood tends to be susceptible to the change faster than ipe wood.  Cedar loses it insect resistant property when exposed to the sun for a long time. The natural chemical in the wood is gradually damaged by the bleaching of sun. Hence, it is not preferable for outdoor decking. Moreover, the life of cedar deck is shorter than Ipe decking.

Cedar wood is a popular choice of wood because of its usability. Its light weight property makes it resistant to splitting, making it an easy to work with timber and enables carpenters to give good finishing touches. Cedar decking can be installed easily as the cedar timber being light weight is easy to work. It can be cut, sawed and nailed conveniently using common tools. The wood is also resistant to splitting by fasteners, making it more preferable for decking. Cedar board decking and Ipe decking are two most opted timbers for decking. You can purchase all these decking woods, online at a decent price.  The order delivery will be done fast, and you will receive your items in a secured way.

Author Bio:

Debi Tesiero has been in the wood working business over 30 years. She owned the hardwood decking shop, Adirondack Crafters Creations, in Upstate New York. She shared her knowledge on TV in Maryland. A few years ago she moved to Florida and managed home construction for a major home builder. Today, Debi is the Sales Manager for Advanced Building Supplies. Debi is a specialist in Brazilian teak.

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