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Four Franchising Misconceptions that You Need to Straighten

by clintshaff

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Deciding to get a franchise in today’s business environment can be a great decision. The franchising industry is teeming with success stories of people who were able to start their own companies without having to create their own business model or build a completely new brand. However, there are certain misconceptions about franchising that you should learn about this early in your decision. Knowing them and avoiding them will help ensure the attainment of your professional and individual goals.

The Product Will Sell Itself

Even if the product has proven profitability and loyal customers, that doesn’t mean you should no longer concern yourself with marketing and competition. While it’s comforting to have a popular product, you need to have a comprehensive marketing strategy to widen your client pool. Without a strategy in place, a company is likely to fail.

The Franchisor Will Explain Everything You Need to Know

Franchisers will supply you with the guidance you need to start your business. However, there are other resources you will need to make sure the franchise launches, operates, and grows the way you want it to. These resources will fill the discrepancy between the general information you get from your franchisor and your particular situation. It behooves you to talk to a franchise consultant to learn about these resources.

A Franchise is Easier than Starting a Business from Scratch

In some aspects, this is true. After all, you don’t have to develop a product or search for investors to fund your business. However, running a franchise requires a lot of dedication on your part. This means long working hours, often beyond the 8-hour, 5-day-a-week schedule. It also means you need to watch the way you manage products, staff, and accounts.

No Need for Web Presence

You shouldn’t dismiss the enormous impact an online presence creates. Without it, you’re likely passing up on an increasingly large number of potential customers. Whether they’re Googling the nearest franchise or simply want to know about your product, it’s crucial for potential customers to locate you.

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