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Strongboy and Other Supporting Jacks Help In Efficient Const

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With the use of advanced technology in construction work, there have been increased uses of a variety of machinery and other instruments that have made the hard work of construction of buildings very easy. Now a day, almost all the projects of construction use such high advanced technology for completing the job in an effective manner, and that too very effectively with precision.


Different technology and methods followed during the process of construction of buildings


There are a variety of levers and technical tools that are used in the modern day construction job. The usage of advanced technical devices has led to the construction of a variety of buildings with complex yet attractive designs and patterns. The tools and methods used in modern day construction can be mentioned as follows –


  • Lintel support levers
  • Strongboy
  • Adjustable base jacks


The technology of lintel support, although not a new idea, is heavily observed in the process of construction. The process includes placing of heavy materials upon any pillar-base. One of the very common examples of usage of this technology is that of the Stonehenge. In this case, huge horizontal planks or construction materials are placed upon vertical support beams.


The nature of heavy weight of the materials being used and the technical positions of the materials help in maintaining the required balance, without any added clamping. In the present day construction method, the lintel support is basically provided to the bricks just above the section of the walls, where the doors or the windows are to be fixed.


The device of strongboy is used for supporting the cavity walls or the single walls. The device proves its worth in virtually fitting any standard size of the prop. No fasteners are required to hold the construction lever in its place. The material used in construction processes are also provided with tough paint-finish for increased durability of the product.


Another useful set of levers used in effective construction of any building is the set of adjustable base jacks. These levers are very useful in clamping the base materials very strongly and prevent accidental drooping or toppling of the heavy support provided by various levers, while the construction process is undergoing.




The effective combination of all theses tools, jacks and levers makes the process of construction of any building, bridge etc very easy and durable also. The technological upgradation and the use of such modern devices have really changed the whole scenario of modern-day construction process.

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