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Top 10 Android Applications For 2013

by maddyacca

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Google Maps for Android

Google Maps is necessary mobile-mapping app for Android smartphones. It shows the current active location on Google map by collaborating with cell-tower-location or GPS technology. It supports direction whether you are walking to a nearest position or driving on a long route, so you can share your live position with known one, through Google's "Latitude" service and have fun just for no cost.

ScoreMobile for Android

ScoreMobile is such app built for truly user ease. Such free amazing app provides scores, results and brief description on variety of sports and tournaments i.e. NFL and NCCA football, Major League Baseball, a lot for Golf fans and also for NASCAR lovers. A user in search of more detail on particular sports can find a lot of other apps but he will find this app handy than any else for his inner satisfaction. 

Ezee SMS Collection For Android

It looks odd if you ask your friend to send you a forward message regarding birthday, because you want to send it to your mom to wish her birthday. Suppose if you get birthday SMS from one of your friend, then there is no guarantee that the text message has quality in it. IntelliApps has launched an SMS collection android app ehich is totally free and contains almost 60000 text messages collection in it. Also you ll get updates of latest text messages on your cell phone every week. The good thing is that there are more than 70 categories and each category have hundered of text messages. 

TV Guide Mobile for Android

For Android, TV Guide Mobile app is best up-to-date app in your control. Wherever you are in the world you can access your current local TV option by providing your location and TV provider, and you have access to all relevant channels in no time through this amazing app. Besides of all above attractive features you can set reminders for favorite programs/ shows that by cooperation with Google Calendar to remind you to catch LIVE action for thrill.    

Amazon MP3 for Android

A Music Lover Must has Amazon MP3 for Android for all sort of mobile media. This app is user friendly having easiest navigation ever. It doesn't matter whether you are searching through Wi-Fi or your cellular network, it is best must-have app for Android that assist you to search and purchase Music Albums you must have for you. It provides free "Songs of the Day" and thus without spending even a dime you have access to latest new music. Much more for user like "Daily Deal Albums" cost for just $5 or less. It's all about you.

Dropbox for Android

Dropbox gives access to user to get access in no time to his related files and Data on web connected devices, i.e. PCs, Smartphone and Tablets. Dropbox is available for all major branded mobile models. It provides up to 2.0 GB of online storage without any cost by creating just an account and even more when you recommend the same to others. So just load your content in dropbox, launch the Android app now you can access your content from anywhere via Smartphone and also can upload new content.

Kindle for Android

This app collection consists of more than 750,000 digital books for e-reader to their Smartphone's. Thus they can purchase reading materials in soft form and read when they have enough charging and time to read. Many classic books are free of cost, and customer caring sellers provides from $9.99 which is very cheap rate than print media rates. One can assess/preview books and after buying can read on kindle devices.   It's all because of app's Whispersync technology, which allows bookmarks and facilities of annotations between devices.

Facebook for Android

Facebook for Android provides all useable Facebook features, i.e. feed back and status of Friends. One can post photos and view albums, write on friend's timeline, comments and respond to post on yours. Facebook place feature update you about various locations, can send IM by apps built-in chat interface.   

Movies for Android (By Flixster)

This Flixster Movies software is a gift for those who has craze for Films update with Android Devices. It helps in getting nearest cinema, theaters etc by app's GPS or by manually searched location so you can mark such location for future. Besides this one can review services like Rotten Tomatoes, timing of shows and buy cinema tickets via Android Device. One more thing browses Flixter's post of collection consists of about more than 60.000 DVDs.

Pandora Radio for Android

Many applications are available in the market for Android Devices, but same quality music is not available as by the free Pandora for Android app provides. It is easy to navigate and use, just create an account, sign in, select your favorite band or artist, so that application manage a custom collection of such artist, i.e. collection of other same music listener.

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