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3 Things to Look Out For when Buying a Laptop

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If it’s your first time buying a laptop computer, then you could probably be overwhelmed by the high number of laptop computers for sale. To make the best choice, you need to understand your needs and then compare with what is available in the market.

The level of performance that you need will depend on how you are going to be using the computer. Multimedia applications, video editing software and gaming in general tend to demand a high level of performance. Also if you are an architect, a doctor or engineer, then you will probably need to use specialized software to do your work. Speed and storage space are very important if you want a computer that can help you to complete your tasks without any hustles.

RAM and Storage

If you are looking for a laptop for your own personal use, then a laptop with about 512mb to 1Gb of RAM will be good enough. However if you want to use it to edit your YouTube videos, you may find that 512MB is a little bit slow for that purpose. You may want to consider going for a laptop with 2GB of RAM.

Storage space is equally important when you are choosing a laptop. A lot of storage space can be useful even for a personal computer. Often, you may find that you need to download a lot of photos from your Email or Social Media profile and keep them safely on your computer. Another thing to look out for when you are considering storage is the hard disk’s RPM. The RPM determines how fast data will be written onto the hard disk. Generally speaking, the higher the RPM the faster the data will be written. Laptop computers usually have 2.5 hard drives, this simply indicates the physical size of the drive.

CD and DVD Drivers

A CD driver is sufficient for the installation of most computer programs which is something you will have to do from time to time. However, programs that are being released of late, are too big to fit into an ordinary CD ROM. You will find that you need a DVD drive to install some of these programs, therefore a laptop with a DVD is very important. You can go further and look for a laptop with a DVD RW which will allow you to write videos and photos onto a DVD when you need to backup those files.

Monitors and Screen Size

You may find many variations of a laptop monitor at any Dell laptop sale. Dell computers have a wide range of screens of different sizes. A big screen is important for someone specializing in the area of graphics and multimedia. You may also find that laptop computers may have varying aspect ratios. The Aspect ratio is the ratio of width to height of the screen. This is also important to people who work with multimedia especially video.

The performance of a laptop cannot be judged by focusing on one thing only. This is something you need to keep in mind when looking for laptop computers for sale. The RAM, CPU and hard disk work together and if one is considerably slow then it will slow down the overall speed of the computer

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