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Important Facts to Know About Flanged Immersion Heaters

by Jobcosmith

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Flanged immersion heaters, as the name suggests have heating elements in the form of flanges that protrude from the terminal housing. Such heaters comprise of u-shaped tubular heating elements that are brazed to a metal flange. These heaters are available in a variety of standard sizes ranging from as small as 3” to up to 14” or more. In addition to the standard sizes, enterprises often order custom sizes in accordance with their unique applications.

How are these heaters used ?

Such heaters are used in small as well as large containers. They can be used for heating gases or liquids or semi-solids at regular pressures, or even those in a pressurized form. Most such heaters need
an electrical connection to function. They do not need an elaborate installation process as such heaters are attached to a mating flange that is welded to the side of the vessel or tank in which a process material needs to be heated. These heaters can be put to use almost immediately. Thus, it is evident that flanged immersion heaters are certainly one of the most convenient varieties of heaters available today.

Where are such immersion heaters used ?

This heater could be used for heating or warming materials such as:

  • Process water, clean water, or solution water
  • Cooking oil, fuel oils, machine oils, industrial-use oil
  • Air and gases
  • Wax or paraffin
  • Alcohol
  • Solutions containing soap or detergent
  • Steam…and so on

In case an immersion heater cannot be used, the next best alternative would be to use a Circulation heater .

Selecting the right sheath material

When using an immersion heater flanged or otherwise it is very important to ensure that the sheath material of your chosen heater is compatible with the process material. For instance, a copper sheath is best used with clean water or for freeze protection applications. On the other hand, steel sheath is most compatible with substances such as petroleum, cooking and industrial oils, wax, alcohol, and so on. If you need to heat unique substances such as detergent, de-mineralized water, or other types of process water, a stainless steel sheet is recommended.

Furthermore, experts also recommend that you choose flanged immersion heaters with an incoloy sheath should your application deal with heating corrosive solutions, superheating of steam, other gases or corrosive solutions.

These are just a few examples and your process material likely hasn’t been included here. So it is best that you seek the professional opinion of an industrial heater supplier. This will ensure that your heater isn’t the cause for any operational breakdowns! There are certain industrial heater suppliers and distributors that stock a wide variety immersion heater variety too.

To sum it up, flanged immersion heaters could be your preferred choice for heating contents in a tank or pressurized vessel. These heaters can even be procured online these days.

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