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Denture: One of the Dental Solutions Fit For the People

by MuradThakur

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Teeth are our important parts of our body. They need great care for preserving oral health and lead a healthy life. Due to various reasons, you may lose your teeth. The common reasons of tooth fall are: cavity, tooth erosion, gum disease, trauma, oral cancer, root canal failure and accident.  You can only consult your dentist for the last one. But the earlier ones can be prevented by you.


However, when you have already lost your teeth, denture can be a great solution. It can save the beauty of your mouth and provide you with both temporary and permanent solution. It can be done in two ways: denture and dental implants. Here you will see the way how denture can be performed.


According to Orlando family dentistry, denture is of two kinds. One is whole denture and another is partial denture. Whole or complete denture is performed when you lose all of your teeth. And partial denture is fit for one or more than but not all teeth are lost.


Complete denture can be performed in two ways. One is conventional and other is immediate. In conventional denture it takes a long time to be cure. The curing time range is generally from eight weeks to 12 weeks. So it is a long process which is time consuming and bothering. But in immediate denture takes a very little time. You can have it after the removal of the damage teeth or tooth loss. You need not waiting for some weeks. So, it is obvious that immediate denture is easier than conventional one. But for permanent solution you must have conventional denture.


Partial denture is done in case of fall one tooth or more when all the teeth are not lost. So, it is a short process and can be serve the patients within a very short time. This process prevents the teeth to be displaced. If the gap is kept untreated, the teeth beside the teeth invade the vacant place. As a result, teeth become bent or twisted. Plastic is used for replacement of a tooth. The color of the plastic is almost like the real gum.


However, you can use dental implants instead of denture. It is a permanent dental bridge. But the problem is that it is costlier than denture. You cannot choose dental implant for you until your family dentist suggest you because it proper diagnosis whether the gum is fit for dental implants or not.


Family dentistry at Orlando tells that your dentist will do the following things for a successful denture.


*He will take several impressions of your jaws to fit the tooth properly.


*He will make a model of your tooth with wax and set it in the gap for several times so that it may fit properly.


*Then he will put final denture.


*He will take necessary measures to adjust your teeth.

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