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Best Award Winning Baby Toys For Christmas By Manhattan Toy

by manhattantoy

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Award Winning Baby Toys

There are many famous companies that are known for their award
winning baby toys. They also supply thousands of toys all over the
world. With high quality and safety as the main mantra of these
companies they have captured the hearts of children and parents as
well. Even though their designers are hard at work designing hundreds
of new designs every year, their original products still remain popular
and are still in demand. Many brands like Groovy Girl, Dr. Seuss and
Whoozit .are sold through fine department stores and gift and toy
stores. A trip to the toy store will never disappoint you because there
is so much to choose from.

Baby Toys

Some companies can proudly say that they have many award winning
baby toys. The toys are colourful and durable. A lot of thought goes
into each of the designs .The toys will not hurt the child if they make
a grab for it. They can chew on it but it would not be harmful for your
precious baby. The sounds made by the rattles are not startling but
gentle and stimulates their ears Visual stimulation is increased by the
bright colours. The snuggle pods range is the perfect gift for your
baby to snuggle up to-all soft and sweet.


Hand puppets and finger puppets are made from super soft material.
With puppets of characters from Dr. Seuss like Cat in the Hat or Fairy
tale stars like Cinderella, the children are encouraged to be
imaginative and tell the story the way they want to. This way
creativity, language skills and confidence are built upon. The best way
for an adult to capture the attention of young children during a story
telling session is to use finger or hand puppets. Simple, little puppet stages too can be purchased from here .The children will be tempted to
use them and thus enhance their imagination.

Dolls for Toddlers

A lot of companies have a line of dolls for toddlers too. The Baby
Stella range is very popular among toddlers and is a great gift idea.
The features of the doll are almost lifelike with lovely hair,
embroidered features, a round tummy and cute little toes. She also has
a removable pacifier, diaper and sleeper. Little girls enjoy playing
with her and mothering the doll. Role play comes in here and they try
and do all that they have seen their own mothers do. The toys are very
durable and many accessories like a high chair or bath set too is



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