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Effects of HCG Diet Kits on Men’s Testosterone Levels

by jhonmagno

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Experts in the medical industry attribute testosterone levels for its effects on increasing men’s reproductive purpose. This hormone is primarily responsible for the development of a guy’s deeper voice, bigger muscles and right amount of sperm.

If you’re wondering why men have more facial and body hair as compared to ladies, then you have to pinpoint their testosterone level as the mastermind of this unexplained progress in their body.

However, as male mature and age, their testosterone level also declines. According to Dr. Mercola, an American physician, the amount of man's testosterone level decreases by the time he reaches 30-40 years old. The doctor also associated poor performance of male’s testosterone level on excessive weight.

On the other hand, psychologists emphasized that being overweight affects men’s interpersonal relationship especially if they are ready to court a woman.


Due to advancement, expert fitness coaches including Colin F. Watson helped men overcome their fears of rejection with the introduction of the HCG diet kits as fast, effective and safe weight loss protocol for those who wants to be successful in the aspect of bringing back their younger days as well as to shape up and take good care of themselves as they age.


How HCG Diet Affect Men’s Testosterone Level

According to Dr. Dennis Clark, an HCG diet advocate, the said weight loss product increases the natural testosterone production during the start of the diet. Aside from losing a lot of weight in a span of 1 month, male patients can also experience satisfying high volumes of testosterone if he wants a more defined body shape.

As opposed to the use of any anabolic steroid which has adverse side effects on male patients, it is suggested to buy hcg kits and injectables to address weight loss concerns.


Benefits of HCG Diet Kits for Men


Before starting on your HCG diet journey, it is highly recommended to have a prior consultation to a well-known HCG diet coach to avoid misuse of the product. Nevertheless, the said weight loss protocol when done seriously and properly will result to different benefits. These are as follows:


Maximizes lean muscle production

Muscles slowly deteriorate as men stop going to the gym for a work-out. If you will undergo an HCG diet therapy, it is encourage to do some workout routines that will go well on the HCG diet phase that you're into.


Reduces depression

Seeing your body transform into the shape that you have been dreaming of is a great feeling. As you lose unwanted fats in the body with the HCG diet, you will also notice that your positive hormone comes out. Sweating by means of recommended HCG exercises also decreases the production of negative emotions.

Improves intercourse performance

HCG diet suppliers claim that as your testosterone production increases, you will also notice a difference of your performance during a honeymoon with your wife. Taking HCG as a weight loss regimen will also contribute to your performance in lovemaking.


At present, majority of the consumers of the HCG diet protocol are female because men were not so sure about its impact on their testosterone level. Aside from these benefits, there are various advantages of taking HCG for men.

If you really want to lose weight and pursue a younger vibe in your 40s, you can check-out substantial videos in Youtube.

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