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Lead an Exciting Lifestyle with Help from Trusted Red Deer R

by rosalindarudloff

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You’ve worked your heart out for years, and you’re now living the good life. You’ve paid your debts, sent your kids to school, and set aside enough money to provide for your family’s every want and need. There may be money invested in your Canada Pension Plan or Old Age Security policy.

At some point, though, you may want a sudden change in lifestyle. If you’re tired of your usual routine, an RV-based adventure may be just what you need to relax. When on the road, you can’t go wrong with a massive vehicle that practically says “I’m your home away from home.” Let RV dealers in Red Deer show you how to turn that into a reality.

Having been perfected to an art form by Americans, RV lifestyles are just beginning to make some headway into life north of the 49th parallel. These days, you’ll find dozens of RV parks and destinations across the country. The nation’s vast national parks may have spaces for RVs and specific RV parks, but settling inside an RV day-in and day-out can be challenging.

A full-time RV user has no permanent home to speak of. When stationary, RV full-timers usually do typical housekeeping chores. When taking a bath, the RV itself must have its own water system to save the users the hassle of hitting the showers at a nearby RV park. As far as local transportation goes, a motorized RV can be hard to drive in a new town or village – but if the RV is towed, it can be stashed in a secure place while the tow vehicle can be detached for other activities.

All Canadian provinces have their own guidelines for RVs. For instance, motor homes must be between 12.5 meters and 14m long and have a max height of 4.12m. Meanwhile, no passengers are allowed on board towed RVs. Braking requirements are an altogether different matter. In Alberta, for example, RV trailers should have independent brake systems with gross laden weights of at least 909 kilograms; meanwhile, BC regulations require another brake system for trailers that weigh at least 1,400kg.

Going full-bore on an RV lifestyle with help from Red Deer RV dealers can have its pros and cons. It can force you be on the road all the time and require extra care not to leave your motor home in vulnerable places. To learn more, visit

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